Music Software made by Yarck

New Path

2D Music Sequencer for iPhone

Create surprising rhythms and harmonies by having colored shapes follow arrows on a two-dimensional grid.

New Path is a unique and playful tool that drastically changes the way you make music. Pick an instrument for each square or triangle (shapes) and let them walk around. Rotate the arrows to alter their paths. Now choose from an exotic list of arrow types to spice things up.

New Path

2D Music Sequencer for Ableton Live

New path is a two dimensional sequencer for Ableton Live that generates midi and controls device parameters.

• create unexpected rhythms, harmonies and melodies.

• make complex algorithmic music

• and use it as an organic visual live instrument

Let coloured shapes walk over a matrix and change properties such as pitch within every cell. Rotate arrows to create paths.
Use crossroads to let shapes choose their own direction and control their decisions with the ‘chance’ property.
Map New Path to any instrument or effect parameter to let shapes control their values.